Alternatives to Traditional Methods of Selling a House

Traditional methods of Selling your house may cost a substantial amount of money, and take a great deal of time. The money is spent on any repairs that have to be made in order for the house to pass inspection. More money is spent on an appraiser, real estate agency commissions, and closing costs. The time costs include the length of time the house is listed, extra cleaning in preparation of showings, and waiting for a closing day when the house does sell.

Other Options

Some people to sell their house without the help of a real estate agent. That will save some money, but may tack on time. Renting the house is another viable alternative. Local homeowners can handle all the aspects of finding a renter, looking in on the property occasionally, and collecting the rent. Those who live out of the state or country can hire a property manager to oversee the renting process.

Most houses can be moved from one lot to another. If relocation is the reason for the sale, it may be faster, easier, and cheaper to have it moved than to place it on the market. Costs will depend on the size of the house and the distance it has to travel.

People in financial crisis can elect to simply allow the bank to foreclose on the mortgage. Those going through a divorce can work together to reach an agreeable compromise. In some cases, one party buys out the other and remains living in the home.

A Cash Alternative

Many companies have come up with solutions to eliminate the time and money people spend on selling their houses. One example is VA Real Estate Solutions. The house is assessed by a company representative to determine if a cash offer will be made for the house. Factors include the condition of the house, the time and costs the company has to expend for any repair, and the state of the current market.

Once an offer is made in writing, the seller can choose to accept it or decline. If the price is approved by the seller, a real estate lawyer can handle the closing in a week to ten days. The costs of repairs, the lawyer, and the closing are paid by the company, not the seller.

A free consultation can begin the process, or those interested can visit to fill out a form online. The company response time is typically twenty-four hours for inquiries. Details, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and telephone contact information is also available online. Houses in all conditions and price ranges are considered.

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